New Features in Canvas 12/6/2014

New Features in Canvas 12/6/2014

Here are some of the latest changes in Canvas:

1. Conversations has added a Submissions Comments feature that allows for comments on individual submissions between instructor and one student.

2.  The Quiz tool has added details to quiz statistics and improved loading speed within quizzes.  These quiz statistics tool allows for a quick summary of percentages for an entire quiz, with a graphic interface, and also a breakdown by individual question.  Distribution scaling and a discrimination index are now also available.

3.  Canvas has added a new third-party tool for Notifications - remember, you and your students can set on a tool-by-tool basis what kind of notification how frequently you want to get.  Yo, a new single tap zero-character communication tool essentially let's you know that something is happening through your mobile device, in this case in Canvas, shows you the sender but does not give any content.  If you are interested in having this feature, please let the IMG know so that it can be enabled.  More on Yo at, and its web site is

4.  You can now select if you want an assignment published or not -- remember, in order for your students to see the assignment, it has to be published, just like other content in Canvas.

For more details on the new releases go to and watch the video

Content release date: Friday, December 12, 2014