New Features in Canvas: 4/4/2015

New Features in Canvas: 4/4/2015

Canvas in discontinuing its integration with facebook. Usage analysis showed that not many folks were using this functionality, so Canvas decided not to spend resources on addressing the changes facebook was making to its API integration.

If you are editing web parts (eg, announcements, Pages, and anywhere else where the Rich Text Editor appears), you will now have an easier time working with tables.  In addition, you can now highlight a chunk of your web page and view the html code by using a button that is under the web part for quick review and trouble shooting.

If you use the Analytics section of Canvas (check it out if you have not done this yet), you will notice that Assignments has been changed to Submissions.

If you want to give students multiple graded attempts at an assignment but do not want to average all of the attempts equally into the grade, you can now take advantage of the degrading average option.

Lots and lots of other small things have changed -- for more details, go to


Content release date: Tuesday, April 07, 2015