Canvas and IPads Tips

Canvas and IPads Tips

Probably your best place to start if you want to use mobile devices and Canvas is  You will find support tips for iOS and Android for the few apps available for Canvas.

Remember that you not only have the Canvas app but also the Speedgrader, Magic Marker and Polls apps -- though the last two are still in infancy and need some additional development.

Consider the following when designing for a mobile device:

1.  If you want to use images, make sure they are aligned to the left and underneath each other.  While centered or next to each other may look great on your computer screen, these images will get distorted on the mobile device if they are not left aligned and in a vertical row.

2.  If you want to use a lot of text in different places, consider using the Modules tool for organization rather than the Pages tool.

3.  If you want to use the built-in video capture tool, Kaltura, please remember that it will work best on a computer for recording -- playback on an iOS device will work fine.

4.  If you want students to submit assignments from their mobile device, suggest that they use Dropbox and its connection into Canvas (you will find that option under personal Settings).  That way, students can draw on content in Dropbox for submission.  Make sure you run through the process a couple of times yourself as there are some not quite so obvious submission buttons to worry about.

Content release date: Tuesday, July 08, 2014