Auburn University's Survey Tool: Qualtrics

Auburn University's survey tool: Qualtrics

You will find Qualtrics by logging on to AU Access, going to the Employee tab and clicking on Qualtrics.  The online software is quite intuitive -- just follow the tabs across the top of the page to create, edit, publish, distribute and collect results.

Some of the features of Qualtrics that make at least some researchers very happy are the sheer number of question template choices, the way Qualtrics handles distribution, and the fact that you can share surveys with others at Auburn University.

If you are not sure whether the software can do a particular thing, just click on the Help button and either search for your question or view their very useful video tutorials.  The Instructional Multimedia Group at Auburn will soon start offering classes about Qualtrics.

If you need documentation about IRB and/or HIPAA compliance, please send an email to Wiebke -- I have this information.

Content release date: Tuesday, March 13, 2012