Apple FileVault 2 Instructions

Apple FileVault 2 Instructions

Open the CLA-IT HelpDesk Application in the /Applications folder (Image 1).

Image 1
Image 1

In the CLA-iT application (Image 2) click on FileVault 2.


Image 2


This will enable the FileVault settings on your computer. After installing the FileVault settings, reboot the computer.


Image 3

You will be prompted (Image 3) once to Enable Now; later, you will be informed that File Vault is Enabled on the Hard Drive (Image 4).


Image 4


After clicking OK, the process will continue with a second reboot; log in and continue using the computer while the hard drive is encrypting. The process to this point takes about 5-10 minutes.


You can check on the encryption status by opening System Preferences, Security & Privacy and then the FileVault tab (Image 5).


Image 5



The actual Hard Drive encryption process can take many hours (depends on HD size and type) and will continue if you choose to close your laptop during the process.

Content release date: Thursday, October 22, 2015