Alertus Software Available

Alertus Software Available


The university has added a new piece to the emergency notification system, an application called Alertus.

Alertus is controlled by the Office of Risk Management, and it is connected to the other parts of AU’s emergency response system that includes AU Alert through phone and text messages and the loud speakers across campus.

When an emergency warrants notification to computers, the system gets activated and will send out a large pop up to any computer that has the software installed on it.  Notice the Acknowledge button at the bottom of the image – when you click on it, the pop up will disappear, allowing you to save your work and take necessary action.  The pop ups will reappear as long as the warnings are necessary.

Alertus screenshot

In CLA, all computer labs and TECrooms now have this software, so if you are using a computer in a classroom during an emergency, you may see this pop up.

We are also installing this software on all new computers and any computers we are updating.  In addition, all heads, chairs, office staff, and CERT members will get the application to be better informed.


If you want the software now, please contact the CLA IT staff.  Please also note that you can install the software on home computers from but remember that any warnings going out over the system are meant for the Auburn University campus, and may not necessarily apply to the place you live.

If you do not want the software, please contact the CLA IT staff – we have been told that Risk Management would like to have it on all AU computers, but there is no mandate at this point.





Content release date: Monday, May 07, 2012