6th Annual iTeach on ipads

6th Annual iTeach on ipads

The 6th Annual iTeach at Auburn University was a big success on March 7.  Presenters came from multiple colleges across campus, framed by two great presentations by Dr. Robert Blaine from Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Robert Blaine

Presenters talked about a theoretical framework for using ipads, grounded in pedagogy, using an ibook for course materials in a Biology course so that students can access the notes digitally and add their own notes, having all students use ipads in an Italian Culture class, using ipads to bring distance education students into a face-t-face classroom and its collaborative activities, having students create digital magazines with ibook Author, and what it takes to develop an app.  A couple of students also presented on their experiences with ipads in the classroom.

Over fifty faculty from across campus and a number of IT support staff participated in discussions and online back channels.  Most presentations were recorded, and these recordings will soon be made available.

Swivl CameraWe used a swivl camera prototype to capture the presentations -- this camera records to an ipad and follows the movement of the presenter through the room.






Please find the Panopto recordings of the sessions online at

Content release date: Thursday, March 13, 2014