3D Printer in IMG

3D Printer in IMG

We visited the Instructional Multimedia Group in Foy to check out their new 3D printer.  The result:  a door stopper!

door stopper

Yes, this is a printed piece of plastic, at 10% density.  Here is how it works:

We went to the web site to find something useful to print -- the bigger the item, the longer it takes, of course.  Once we found a suitable item, we downloaded the STL files and took them on an SD card to the IMG.  There, the files were first checked and then uploaded to the MakerBot printer.  Here some images of the printing process:

Makerbot replicatorprinting of door stopperprinting of door stopperprinting of door stopper

The material is essentially tubes of plastic that get heated and then, in thin dots and strips, are assembled to build the 3-d object -- slowly!

material for printer

and finally, the product:

printed SD card holders -- this is actually an SD card holder that is sitting on the printer

door stopper in action -- printing this item took a few hours.

And if you need some more reasons and ideas why this is cool --

Content release date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013