CLA Student Recruiters

Sarah TurnerSarah Turner

Alexandria, Al

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Business


“My favorite part about being a CLA student my experience with the professors and academic advisors whose advice and guidance have been invaluable to my professional development.”




Grace DayGrace Day

Montgomery, AL

Major: Psychology

Minor: Still unsure


“I plan on attending graduate school for Occupational Therapy after graduating from Auburn.  I am so thrilled to major in something that I love that will also lead me into the career field that I have always dreamed of working in.”



Mackenzie HarrisMackenzie Harris 

Palmetto, GA 

Major: Communication Disorders 

Minor: Human Development and Family Studies 


"Communication is an integral part of what makes us human and being able to restore connectivity in others will be a truly humbling and rewarding experience." 




Zachary LoyedZachary Loyed

Dothan, Alabama

Major: Political Science

Minor: Business


"After graduating from Auburn next May, I then plan on attending law school in order to one day fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an attorney."




Sarah AtkinsonSarah Atkinson

Andalusia, Alabama

Major: Communication

Minor: Human Development and Family Studies


“Since I came to college, I have changed my mind about what I want to do for the rest of my life at least 6 times. However, the beauty of CLA is that I didn’t have to change my major 6 different times. The careers that I was exploring and learning more about, whether it was broadcasting, communication director at a corporate level, pre-school care, book publicity at a major PR firm, therapy, or even working with a major sports team, all were possible futures for a student majoring in Communication. We aren’t limited by our major in CLA; the possibilities are endless.”


Isaiah BoazIsaiah Boaz

West Chester, OH

Major: German

Minor: Economics


I have studied abroad twice and it has allowed me to experience different cultures through learning, speaking, and immersion. Education abroad is a great change of pace that can open your mind to the great world that we live in, while also allowing you to learn about yourself. It presents challenges you cannot find anywhere else that will force you to grow and develop skills that will be useful throughout your educational and professional life.”


Hannah EddinsHannah Eddins

Enterprise, Alabama

Major:  Public Relations


“The small class sizes in CLA allowed me to not only form relationships with my peers, but with my professors who genuinely care about students’ current and future success. I would encourage any incoming student to dive in, have fun and take advantage of any opportunity they have to get involved because it will be worth it!”

Last Updated: June 06, 2018