Academy for Civic Engagement

The Academy for Civic Engagement is a 3-day workshop for faculty in the arts and humanities who are interested in incorporating civic engagement/service learning practices into their courses, outreach scholarship, and P & T documentation. Sessions at the ACE will explore and uncompact the topic of civic engagement, as well as ways to incorporate its tenets into research, teaching, and practice. Borrowing from the work of William Sullivan, one could define civic engagement as the intersection of formal knowledge, professional and ethical exploration/development, and working for the common good. Civic engagement is an emerging topic in liberal arts because it motivates inquiry into the relationship between academic disciplines and the public good as well as between intellectual pursuit, character formation, and vocational discernment / exploration.

The purpose of ACE is:

  • To promote and develop civic engagement knowledge and initiatives among faculty and colleges in the nation
  • To encourage faculty to  rethink their teaching strategies and goals as they develop courses with civic engagement as a focus for students
  • To develop an emphasis on ethics and responsibility as it pertains to knowledge and application
  • To foster collaborative teaching, research, and outreach efforts among faculty and across universities
  • To provide resources and support for engaged faculty


Past Academy for Civic Engagement Guest Speakers (2012-2018)

Last Updated: August 28, 2018