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Elba celebrates opening of new splash pad

Elba Mayor Mickey Murdock and so many others involved with the planning and building of the town’s new splash pad celebrated at the official opening on Tuesday, June 19. The 90-degree temperature and sunny skies made it a perfect day to dedicate a splash pad in south Alabama.

According to all who are enjoying the first days of splash fun, it is a great addition to the downtown area. Local resident Jack Brunson said, “It has already been such a huge hit, especially among the kids. There were people playing on it all day Friday when it first opened and over the weekend.”

At the opening ceremony, Mayor Murdock thanked all who were involved with making the splash pad a reality. He said, “This was a great city project for Elba. I want to thank the council for approving the project. I also want to thank the street department, the water department and all of those who played a part in getting this thing finished.”

The idea for the splash pad was born more than a year ago. Sandy Bynum, head of the Elba Chamber of Commerce, and Greg Hanchey, the head of Recreation Department, both thought Elba could use a water park addition at the park next to the Elba City Hall.

Anytime the splash pad is mentioned, you hear Hanchey’s name as a key leader. “Greg is only supposed to work from, you know, eight to five, but he would work on this project whenever he could. That meant being out here early in the morning or late at night,” the mayor said. “He works as long as necessary, and we certainly owe him a great debt of gratitude.”

Hanchey noted at the ceremony, “I want to thank everyone for the support. I think we have the best one that I’ve seen. I know there’s not another one like this at least within 75 to 90 miles.”

He added, “I’m very proud of what we have accomplished, and I look forward to everyone enjoying it. I think it’s going to be a very exciting thing for a lot of people, and community support is very important. I appreciate the support of everyone.”

Once the ceremony ended, the water began to spout and the children jumped right into the cool water. Elba City Council member Gappa Wise said, “We’re excited to be here and for this to be happening. It is going to be great for the community and for the kids.”

The next step for the city is adding shade to the area around the pad. For now, city leaders agreed the splash pad is bringing hours of summer fun and many other benefits to Elba.

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