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Booker T. Washington: The Man, The Myth Revealed

Booker T. Washington: the Man the Myth Revealed

Mitch Moody, a freshman at Auburn University, is participating in the Appalachian Teaching Project, and he recently interviewed Dana Chandler about his upcoming talk on Booker T. Washington and the Tuskegee University Archives. The free, public program will take place on Friday, November 14 at noon at the Tuskegee History Center, 104 S. Elm Street.


This Friday at Noon, at the Tuskegee Dana Chandler, Archivist for Tuskegee University, will be presenting the program “Booker T. Washington: The Man, The Myth Revealed.”

Ever since Dana’s father took him to the Carver museum when he was twelve years old, Dana has been interested in the history of Tuskegee. After a long career in archeology, excavating sites all around the world, Dana has come back and settled down to be Tuskegee University's head archivist. As archivist, Dana has had unprecedented access to the archives collections on Booker T. Washington. Few people have ever had the chance to explore as many of Washington’s records as he has, and few living can say to know Booker T. Washington like Dana.

This event takes place on the 99th anniversary of Washington’s passing and Dana’s event will show us how Washington’s work still impacts us today, and how many of the challenges Washington worked to overcome still burden our society. Dana will also give us incite into Booker T. Washington the man, including his personal code of manners and honor. Dana will include within his presentation little known facts about Washington and the University he founded, and the presentation will be a learning experience for all. Did you know that Booker T. Washington was not the founder of the Tuskegee Institute? If you want to know the full story, join us on Friday. 


Tuskegee University Archivist Dana Chandler (left) with Henri Linton (right), acclaimed artist, historian and Director of the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Museum.


Last Updated: November 14, 2014