Women's and Gender Studies

Procedure to Cross List Courses

Affiliates of the Women's and Gender Studies Program can apply to cross-list courses regularly taught in their home departments with Women's and Gender Studies. Cross-listing courses helps to build the undergraduate and graduate minors, and the presence of Women's and Gender Studies minors in your classroom helps to increase diversity of experiences and perspectives expressed in the course.

Please submit requests to cross-list courses to the Director of the Women's and Gender Studies program via email, and include a full syllabus that includes information on textbooks and readings, assignments and exams, and a schedule of lecture and discussion topics. The syllabus should be at a stage of development similar to what one would submit to Department, College, and University Curriculum committees for approval.

The Women's and Gender Studies Executive Committee will review your submission and vote on approval; the director of the program will notify you of the committee's decision. In general, the committee is looking for about 40% of course content to be related to women's and gender issues. This content can be achieved through lecture and discussion topics, readings, assignments, research papers, and more. If you have an open-ended research topic, for instance, the committee might ask that you require a women's- or gender-related topic for students taking the course for Women's and Gender Studies credit.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program requests that you put the following statement on the syllabi of cross-listed courses:
This course is cross-listed with Women's and Gender Studies and can count toward the requirements of the Women's and Gender Studies minor. If you are taking this class to fulfill the minor in Women's and Gender Studies, please let the professor know. If you would like to learn more about the Women's and Gender Studies Program and its minor, please see the professor, or contact the Women's and Gender Studies Program Director.

Last Updated: December 04, 2020