Department of Psychological Sciences

Suicidal Behavior and Psychopathology Laboratory

Suicidal Behavior and Psychopathology Laboratory

Director: Dr. Tracy Witte,

Program: Clinical



The Suicidal Behavior and Psychopathology Lab research focuses primarily on suicidal behavior as explained by Joiner's interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide. Specifically, we are interested in experiences that people encounter which relate to an increased fearlessness of death and pain tolerance, as well as feelings of burdensomeness and lack of belongingness. We also have an interest in stigma associated with suicidal behavior. Finally, we have secondary interests in eating disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder, especially insofar as they overlap with suicidal behavior. With all of our research, we strive to use sophisticated data analytic strategies (e.g., latent variable modeling, examination of curvilinear relationships).

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Last Updated: August 04, 2016