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Department of Psychological Sciences
Psychology Department Research Participation

The Department of Psychological Sciences uses a web-based system to manage, recruit, schedule, and assignment of extra credit hours for participation in research opportunities.

To directly access the system, please use the following URL:
(Note: do not use www in the web address, you will get an error page).

User Information

There are 4 types of users: Participants, Researchers, P.I., & Instructor.

Undergraduate students enrolled in psychology courses that offer extra credit for participation in research are added to the system at the beginiing of each semester. For questions, please email the system administrator.

Graduate students and faculty can request a user account by e-mailing the system administrator. Please specify the type of account (e.g., Researcher, Principal Investigator, or Instructor).

Note: You can have more than one type of user account, but you will have a unique user ID per account type. You can link several accounts to one e-mail address.

Important Dates

Last day to participate (students) or assign credit (researchers) is the last day of classes. Last day to assign or re-assign credit to your course (students) is the day after classes end by noon. Instructors can download extra credit information for their course on the day after classes end beginning at 1pm.

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