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Research Participation System

Information for Students:

Note: Not all courses offer extra credit for research participation. Please refer to your syllabus and course instructor to determine whether extra credit for research participation is permitted in a specific course and how extra credit hours will be used allocated into points for the course. 

Student Accounts in SONA:

Students are added into the system each semester based on their assigned course that offers extra credit for research participation. If you did not receive an account and are in a course that offers extra credit, you can do the following:

  1. contact the SONA administrator at and provide your name, auburn user id, and intro section information (# and GTA last name) in the email OR
  2. complete the account information of the following webpage . You will automatically receive an email with a user account and password.

To create an account at
Click on request an account here in the ‘New Participant’ section. Provide the necessary information on the next screen. Make certain to select all courses that you are enrolled in by pressing the ‘CTRL’ key and by scrolling down and highlighting all relevant courses. You will be sent an email with your account information and a temporary password.

Once you have your password, log back into the system with your user ID and temporary password. In the “My Profile” section, change your password.

Already have an account from a previous semester?

Your user id and password are still the same in the system.

View and Sign-up for Studies:

Click Study Sign-Up to view a list of available studies
You will see a list of current studies. You can click on the study title to view more information about the study. If you qualify for participation and there are available timeslots, you can sign-up for a specific time to participant in the study by selecting View Study TimeSlots, select your time preference and click sign-up.

You will be sent an email with the study information, date, time and location of the study.

Assignment of Credit

After you complete the study, the researcher will post the earned credit hours in the system. You have until the end of the semester, to re-assign to another course the earned credit hours.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have assigned your extra credit to the appropriate course. Your instructor will download the extra credit information at the end of the semester.

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Last Updated: August 31, 2020