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Participation in Psychological Research: Instructor Information

How to request an instructor user account:

If you are an instructor of record for a given course, you can request an account. If you are a TA for a course, the instructor for your course will provide you with the user ID and password to access the system. To request an account please email

How to register your course:

You will be sent an email prior to the commencement of the semester asking you if you would like to add your course  We recommend that you add your course at the beginning of the semester (for ease for students), however, you can add your course anytime during the semester. To add your course, please send your course number/name to


Use your instructor ID and password and login at

When to download extra credit information:

Students have until noon the day after classes end to reassign credit hours to their courses. As of 1pm the day after classes end, you can download the extra credit information. Generating course reports:
After you login, select the Course Reports tab, Click on All Participants link. You will see course report on screen. On the screen will appear the names, overall hours earned, required overall hours, and hours earned for this course. You will need just the first and last column (name and hours earned for your course).

At the end of the webpage, you will have the option to display the report on screen printer friendly OR download it to an Excel friendly format (CSV format). If you select to download, you can open the report in excel than save it your computer.

Granting non-research study hours:

When you generate your course reports, you have the option to grant hours for non-study work that you deem appropriate for your course. Simply enter the credit value next to student's name. Students will be able to reassign non-study hours.

To request another type of account:

Contact the administrator to request an account. Please specify the type of account (e.g., Researcher, Principal Investigator, or Instructor). You can have more than one type of account, but you will have a unique user ID per account type. You can use the same e-mail address for all accounts.

How to change your email address for system notifications:

You can provide an alternate email address by updating your information under My Profile on the top toolbar.

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Last Updated: February 03, 2017