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Department of Psychological Sciences
MS Calendar Deadlines

This table summarizes important deadlines from the Graduate School Calendar to help you plan. However, changes DO occur, so as you are finalizing your plans, contact the Graduate School (844-4700) to confirm the relevant dates.

These deadlines are for students who intend to GRADUATE with the MS at the end of the semester. If you do not intend to GRADUATE that semester, but do intend to complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester (e.g., in order to get the assistantship pay raise to the "with Master's Degree" pay rate) you need to complete all these steps by the last day of the semester and follow the directions in the note below this table.**

You must perform each step below by the stated deadline...
In order to graduate this term
Summer 2023   Fall   2023 Spring 2024 Summer  2024
1 - Registration 5/18/23 8/16/23 1/10/24 5/16/24
2 - Order graduation check 5/7/23 8/4/23 12/8/23 5/4/24
3 - Initiate "Request for Report of Master's Thesis Final Exam" workflow, hold your defense, secure committee's final post-defense approval of thesis and submit the final post-defense draft to the Graduate School ALL by this date. 7/27/23 11/27/23 4/23/24 7/22/24
4 - Graduation day 8/4/23 - 8/5/23 12/8/23 - 12/9/23 5/4/24 - 5/6/24 8/3/24

**If you intend to defend your Master’s thesis, be aware that university pays higher rates to GTAs and GRAs once they have completed the Master's degree. If you will actually be graduating with the MS degree at the end of a semester then let Trixie know that fact as soon as you are certain of it. She will process the paperwork for your raise accordingly. If you will defend but NOT graduate, then in order to get the raise you must do the following: Shortly after you have complete step #3 above, the Graduate School will send you a confirmation message with subject “AUETD: Submission Received Notification”. Forward that message to Thane Bryant as an attachment to an e-mail in which you tell him that you are seeking the raise. Within a day or so he will consult with the Graduate School to confirm that you have completed your degree requirements. If that is the case, he will advise Trixie that you are eligible for the raise. In order to get the raise for the following semester you must complete all of the actions detailed in this paragraph by the last day of the semester in which you defend the thesis. If you are going to pursue this, let Trixie know your plans as soon as possible.