Department of Philosophy

Awards and Scholarships

The Christopher Young Memorial Essay Prize

The Christopher Young Memorial Essay Prize was established in honor of Christopher Young, a philosophy major who died in an accident shortly before he was to graduate.  The Prize is meant to encourage the department's high standard of writing, and to recognize those students who achieve (or surpass) it.  The Prize is awarded late each Spring.

Spring 2016 award recipient:  Seth Goldwasser

Spring 2015 award recipient:

1st place: Jeffrey Liu

2nd place: Zachary Welman

Spring 2014 award recipient: Dannial Budhwani


The Summer Enhancement Award


The Summer Enhancement Award is available for philosophy majors who have been accepted to competitive summer programs for the study of philosophy. This award encourages our brightest students to connect with the rest of the philosophical profession. These students serve as representatives of Auburn University in ambitious classroom environments around the country and return to enrich the other students in the philosophy major with the skills, knowledge, and professional connections that they have acquired.

Summer 2015 award recipient: Dannial Budhwani

Emmett Reeder Award

The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that several awards are available for non-philosophy majors taking Philosophy 2970 (Reason and Passion) in the Spring of 2015. The course has no prerequisites. To be eligible for the award, students must complete an application to FAFSA (financial aid) for the current year. Interested students should contact Dr. James Shelley ( for further information about the award. Students wishing to know more about the class should contact Dr. James Shelley (

Download the application. Please submit the application to Melanie Brown ( for consideration.

Spring 2016 recipient:

Kaylee McCormack


Fall 2015 recipient:

James Post


Spring 2015 recipients:

Troy Ferguson

Paris Long

Jamison Brown

Benjamin Ewing

Last Updated: July 25, 2016