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Department of Philosophy
Auburn Aesthetics Forum

The Auburn Aesthetics Forum sponsors conferences, speakers, panels and a reading group. We cover a variety of topics, including beauty, the philosophy of film, aesthetic testimony and the nature of artworks. Through our activities, we expose students, faculty and the community to some of the most prominent specialists in aesthetics today. 

We explore questions like:Auburn Aesthetics Forum Logo

"What is a work of art?"

"What role does beauty play in a good life?"

"Is there a connection between art and morality?"

"Can art be a vehicle of truth?" 



April Events of the Auburn Aesthetics Forum


Noon on Friday, April 14th, “Coffee and Conversation" with Andrew Huddleston (Warwick University) on Philosophy, Art, and Religion at the Jule Collins Smith museum cafe and galleries, in connection with the exhibition “Invisible Thread." The event is made possible by the Auburn Aesthetics Forum, philosophy club, and the JCS Museum.

3 pm on Friday, April 14th, Andrew Huddleston will address the AUPS with lecture, "Beyond Good and Evil: George Eliot and the Religion of Humanity” in the JCS museum’s auditorium. The event is made possible by the philosophy department, and the JCS Museum.

3:30 pm on Tuesday, April 18th, Irene Martinez Martinez (Uppsala University) will meet the philosophy club students (in the Lyceum, HC 6088) to talk to them informally about her current research project on art collections.

3:30 pm on Thursday, April 20th, Nick Wiltsher, (Uppsala University) will host another "Coffee and Conversation" in the JCS museum’s cafe and galleries. The topic of the conversation is "Expression and Imagination.” The event is made possible by the Auburn Aesthetics Forum, philosophy club, the JCS Museum, and a generous grant by STINT (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education).

April 28th and 29th, we will host the AU-UGA, "Chattahoochee Aesthetics Workshop"


Nick Wiltsher, University of Uppsala

Cheryl Frazier, Auburn University

Jeremy Fried, Auburn University

A.W. Eaton, University of Illinois, Chicago

Aaron Meskin, University of Georgia

Eliza Little, Auburn University

Sam Bennett, University of Georgia                                                            

Irene Martinez, University of Uppsala

Robbie Kubala, University of Texas-Austin 

Lindsay Brainard, UAB

Isabelle Wallace, University of Georgia

The event is supported by the Auburn Aesthetics Forum, Philosophy Department, and the Philosophy Club.