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The Legend of Bubba

Though it is now well known around Elba that the dearly beloved rooster that lived beneath the porch of the old white house at 402 West Collier street has passed, it is only right that respects be officially paid his its memory.

Last Monday morning the rooster was found dead in the yard of the old white house where he once resided.  Local Elba dweller and retired Air Force soldier, Robert “Bobby” Bullard, was the primary caretaker of our feathered friend and took the responsibility of feeding him on a daily basis.  “I named him Bubba,” said Bullard, “I knew him for about four months.  I think he came from down Troy highway.  Right over the hills past Windham Lumber there’s some people who raise chickens”.   

Bullard stated that the rooster’s diet consisted of anything from cornbread to Italian cream cake.  Though “Bubba” never caused much trouble, some people thought it best to have him removed.  “Animal control came and tried to run Bubba down.  Now you ain’t gonna run Bubba down with a net, I think they tried two or three times. “

In addition to his run-ins with the law Bubba often found himself in tight spots with other local wildlife.  Elba resident and front desk operator of Griffin M. Shirley attorney office, Joe Thomas, recalls his memories of the colorful cockerel.  “The dog down the street here attacked him once and tore off his tail feathers. They grew back pretty quick.”

Other Elba locals, who denied being mentioned by name, stated that they’d seen Bubba get involved in a scuffle with two dogs at once.  Remarkably Bubba walked away with his feathers—and dignity—in tact.  

Thomas, along with the other employees at the attorney’s office had come to know the rooster by another name.  “I named him Harrison Ford,” said Elba attorney Griffin Shirley.  “This rooster was struttin’ around showing his stuff like one of my old clients (nicknamed Harrison Ford) so we called him Harrison Ford.”

Like Bullard, Shirley too believes that Bubba came from the chicken farm located about six miles down highway 87.  “That guy raises ‘fighting’ rooster out by Zion chapel,” said Shirley.  “[Harrison Ford] had spurs the size of my thumb.  I’m convinced he came from there.”  When asked how long they’d known the rooster, all parties assumed somewhere around four months.  Surprisingly, this is not the first time Bubba has made the paper.  He was also featured in Ferrin Cox’s editorial section in the January 23rd issue of the Elba Clipper.  Quite impressive for a rooster considering that some people have never even been in the paper once.

Though this is not his first rodeo it will surely be his last.  The cause of Bubba’s untimely death still goes unsolved.  However, Thomas believes that a stray cat he’d seen around the old white house not long after the rooster had been found dead was responsible.

“I saw a big yellow tom cat laying in between the houses.” It had been first rumored that a dog was the probable suspect, but Thomas thinks otherwise.  “This rooster could fly. He’d been scared by someone before and he’d fly up there, run across the roof and into the backyard.  A dog he could get away from once he knew he was being chased.  I really believe it was that tomcat that got a hold of him, they can catch birds in flight, they’re quick!”  

Even in death the legend of Bubba lives on, perhaps even a lesson can be learned from our bird-brained neighbor.  The ancient Greeks believed that the rooster was a solar symbol; every morning its call signified victory over night.  It was ultimately adopted by the Greek god Apollo—among others.

In dreams the rooster serves as a timekeeper which represents passing time in ones life.  Hearing a rooster’s call while in a dream state could also indicate the need to “wake up” or “pay attention” to some situation in one’s reality (funny that the rooster would be killed just before election day, there’s a wake up call for you).

Though he may no longer be with us in flesh, the spirit of Bubba will forever bring comfort to those who knew him. The absence of that unmistakable cry may bring an empty silence to the streets of Elba, but the impact he made over the short period he was here will never be forgotten.


Bubba (a.k.a Harrison Ford)

Born: unknown – Died: June 2nd 2014



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