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Pebble Hill is the Place for Making Plans

Pebble Hill (Scott-Yarborough House) is the home of the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities in the College of Liberal Arts, and on Fridays it is the place for Living Democracy students to enjoy lunch and make plans for summer 2014.  Nathaniel Scott, one of Auburn's founders, built the house in 1847, and it remains of the oldest remaining homes in town.  

Friday meetings allow us to take a break, catch up, and plan, since there are countless details to consider and experiences on which to reflect.  Today, for example, Cristiana told us about her recent trip to Linden. She found her way across Alabama's Black Belt region with only a little confusion caused by construction.  She stayed with community partner Kathryn Friday, up late talking about life in Linden and up early the next day for breakfast with another partner Brenda Tuck.  The whirlwind tour gave her a chance to experience what she had heard about, and the little town of Linden has all of the charm of its reputation and more.  

Jelani heads back to Elba in a couple of weeks, and Shaye will visit Collinsville again after spring break.  Lowery will make the trip to Selma tomorrow, March 1st, where she will meet with Sheryl Smedley of the Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce and Linda Derry of Old Cahawba Archaeological Park.  Before and after those visits, she hopes to visit the many interesting museums in town, and we look forward to stories and pictures.  Living Democracy is about students discovering themselves as citizens while working alongside citizens on issues that matter to them and us all. The journey is the destination.