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Collinsville club shares more than books

When I began my summer in Collinsville, I knew it would be one full of new and different experiences. One thing I wasn’t planning on was joining a book club, but I’m so glad I did. My invitation to join book club came the first week of being in town, and I was welcomed into a group of five women who met bi-weekly to talk books and catch up with each other.

The Collinsville Book Club began seven years ago and is the only one in DeKalb County that meets twice a month.  This book club has been one of my favorite parts of my time in Collinsville. I love reading so discussing books with others has been incredible.  But this group has given me more than that.

Three women having a conversation

The women in the book club – Jennifer, Jo Ann, Carol, Jo Ann, and Yvonne – welcomed me with open arms. They shared funny anecdotes, town news, and life advice. 

The first book I read with the book club was “The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down”, the story of a women’s prayer group and their adventures. Reading this book with such a unique group of women was a fun experience.

The book club meetings quickly became something I looked forward to every other week. The stories of these women’s families, husbands, and lives were intriguing and hilarious. I spent hours alternating between laughing with these women and taking note of their advice.

Their advice for me covered everything from love and marriage – marry your best friend was said by all – and general life events. They encouraged me in my passions and showed me the importance of female friendships at all stages of life.

Being in this club was something I didn’t expect out of my time in Collinsville, and it will be something I miss when my ten weeks are over. I’m thankful for the women of this club and the lessons they shared with me. I’m grateful for their hospitality, honesty, and openness. I’m sure I’ll cherish my time with them for a long time to come.

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