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Community Inclusion Sponsors

What is a Community Inclusion Sponsor?  A Community Inclusion Sponsor is a social group, community organization, agency, or company (on or off campus) willing to serve as a Place and Purpose Community Builder through committing representatives to volunteer once a week at a specific time in the daily schedule with BCPP for one month.

What kind of time commitment is required?  Community Inclusion Sponsors send at least two representatives once a week at a specific time for a month-long period. Time commitment per visit is 30 minutes–1 ½ hours. For example, sponsors assist each Wednesday from 9-9:30 during adaptive PE.

What else is needed from the Community Inclusion Sponsor?  For the first visit to BCPP, Sponsors are asked to present a “show and tell” description of the purpose of your organization and its role in the community. For the final visit, Sponsors are asked to bring a memento for the students, whether that be a shared item, such as a signed poster, or a small item for each student (e.g. stickers, photos, etc.).

Why should your organization be a Community Inclusion Sponsor?  The Community Inclusion Sponsor program is designed to ensure that both BCPP students and sponsors experience positive interactions in a mutually safe environment. Sponsor relationships create a reciprocal flow of energy between BCPP students and their communities.

Group of CPP students

Community Inclusion Sponsors:

  • Alpha Phi Omega (Delta Chapter)
  • AU Women in IT
  • Auburn University Women’s Soccer
  • Auburn Women’s Volleyball
  • First Presbyterian Church Sower’s Club
  • Harold A. Franklin Society
  • Teresa Vigueras