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BraveHeart Programs
About Us

BraveHeart Center for Place and Purpose is a joint outreach program of the Auburn University Social Work Program in the College of Liberal Arts and First Presbyterian Church of Auburn. It serves as an intensive diversity and inclusion training opportunity for Auburn University interns and volunteers across a variety of disciplines. The mission of BCPP is to provide a place where individuals with disabilities are offered comprehensive opportunities for continued growth in the areas of health and fitness, academia, life and job skills, community outreach, and creative arts exploration. It creates a place that is sensitive to the need for safety, the importance of belonging, the benefit of consistent daily routine and creates a purpose for those who would otherwise be excluded from full participation in the adult community.

Students at Toomers corner after it's been rolled

BCPP is an initiative to address unmet needs of the vulnerable and underserved population of young adults who have special needs in the community and live at home with working parents. BCPP utilizes a BraveHeart's Community-in-Community Inclusion (CICI) Model, designed by Professor Angie Colvin Burque, Dr. Danilea Werner, and Professor Nana Daronatsy, to support opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and to increase their presence and level of participation in the university, regional, and faith communities. This strengths-based model operates with a high level of respect and sensitivity for diversity and unique individual circumstances.

The primary Community-in-Community Inclusion Model strategies for BCPP are to:

  • integrate health and wellness activities throughout each program daily, with attention to supporting and empowering the individuals with development disorders to monitor and track their efforts and outcomes;
  • foster the university and church partnership to create multiple experiences each week of inclusion, integration and participation in and across communities; and
  • provide comprehensive and on-going training and support to enhance effectiveness and retention of quality staff and volunteers skilled in assisting program members with self-determination and capacity-building activities. 


Program Details

The Center is open Tuesday–Friday 8 a.m.– 3 p.m., fall and spring semesters, following the Auburn University academic calendar.


How to Apply

Family application coming soon.


How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Professor Angie Colvin Burque at or Angela Powell, Program Coordinator, at