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Greg Leuch

What I do is hard to describe, for it combines practical creativity with information technology and social engineering. But, this thing I do, is a part of me; that of an exciting life of making art pieces and consumable products for people to enjoy.

The best part of a creative mind is not being absurd, silly, or outrageous. It is about taking different ideas to build a new story or solution that is understandable. For instance, thinking differently about censorship, pop culture, and social media has turned a weekend project into an ongoing series of works that not only solved a desired solution for many people, but has also grown into a story of praises, criticisms, and threats from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Likewise, many late nights collaborating with friends have produced incredible points of interest for global communities, of which began as an understandable idea to document online culture around us.

My education from Auburn was a combination of art, design, and philosophy (BFA in Graphic Design and Philosophy minor, 2008), and it presented me with opportunities to explore and strengthen my creative and critical abilities. So too had those late nights in the art building at Biggin, trying to reach a conceptual clarity and perfectionist craftsmanship.

Since those late nights, I have been fortunate enough to explore the world, including creating highly public pranks with fellow members of the Free Art & Technology Lab in Europe, meeting hackers and creatives in Asia, building unique platforms for online social interaction, or growing a network of inspiring artistic and technical friends in New York City, San Francisco, and beyond. But, hard work or not, none of this would have been possible without the bright talent of the faculty and students in the Art Department allowing for the exploration to try new mediums and concepts.

Greg Leuch is a creative designer & technologist in New York City. He is a virtual fellow of the FreeArt & TechnologyLab (FATLab), member of Artzilla, and has experience building products, technology, and community on the web, including KnowYourMeme, BuzzFeed, and Magma. More information available at

Last Updated: August 09, 2016