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Department of Art & Art History
Study Abroad

Our study abroad program in Rome expands students’ perspectives through international travel and study and offer unique opportunities to practice art and art history in a global community. Developed by art and art history faculty, the Art in Rome program offers amazing opportunities for students to study works of art in person while experiencing new cultures. 

Art in Rome



Nothing else in my life has grown me up faster. Immersing myself in unfamiliar customs, language, and history opened my eyes to a vast realm of possibilities I never could have encountered through my schooling in Auburn alone. Buon viaggio! ~ Rachel Little, BFA ’14
Art in Rome, Summer 2013


I would encourage every college student to study abroad, but I think it is even more important for art students. There is so much inspiration found in a new environment, and there is no substitute for seeing such monumental works of art, first hand. Witnessing their existence in person changes the way you see these works. ~ Caroline Steele, BFA ’11
Art in Rome, Summer 2011