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Department of Art & Art History

Biggin Hall

Biggin Hall is one of the campus’ few midcentury modern buildings and boasts four floors of light-filled studios, classrooms and exhibition spaces. The building houses the Department of Art & Art History’s drawing, studio foundations, animation, painting, photography, printmaking and art history areas. The building includes: 

  • Large auditorium with state-of-the-art video projection
  • Seminar and classrooms
  • Biggin Gallery
  • Student “Vault” gallery
  • Digital equipment checkout
  • Animation studio
  • Painting studios
  • Photography, darkroom and documentation labs
  • Printmaking studios
  • Digital fabrication lab, including 3D scanner, vinyl and laser cutters
  • 2D workshop, including panel saw, miter saw, routers and drills
  • Mac computer lab
  • Advanced undergraduate studios with individual work spaces
  • Department and Faculty offices

3-D Arts Building

The 15,000 square foot 3-D Arts Building houses the department’s studio foundations, sculpture and ceramics studios. The building includes:

  • Woodworking shop, including 2 table saws, miter saw, panel saw, 3 band saws, drill press, jointer, lathe, planer and sanders
  • Metal fabrication shop, including oxy-fuel torches, 2 MIG welders, TIG welder, drill press, grinders, band saw, forge, mill and lathe
  • CNC router
  • CNC plasma cutter
  • Ceramics studio including slab roller, 18 electric wheels and extruder
  • Clay mixing lab with two clay mixers
  • Glaze mixing lab with spray booth
  • Paper-making studio, including a Reina beater
  • Plaster room
  • Kiln room, including two gas kilns and two electric kilns
  • Outdoor covered kiln space, including a soda and raku kilns
  • Advanced undergraduate studios with individual work spaces
  • 3-D Arts student gallery
  • Faculty offices