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Allyson Comstock

Allyson Comstock

images of Antartica by Allyson Comstock

During the months of November and December (summer season in Antarctica) Prof. Comstock will continue her research into the Antarctica environment by living and working at Palmer Station (population 27). She will interact with the scientists at the station and learn about the various research projects they are conducting. Twice weekly trips on a Zodiac in waters surrounding the station will allow her to photograph the shoreline and the icebergs floating in the area and land excursion into surrounding areas will allow her to take photographs of the amazing Antarctic landscape. These photographs, along with the microscopic images supplied by the Antarctic researchers, will serve as source imagery for a triptych drawings series that will present multiple perceptions of the Antarctic environment. As the viewing audience experiences these visual narratives, the importance of perceptions relative to what one knows, understands and values in nature will be discovered. Viewers will see a microscopic view of Antarctica, as seen by scientists, and compare this with the broad landscape views of Antarctica they have seen in photographs and films. The central panel that brings together these two views will help viewers understand that what happens at the smallest (microscopic) level in the Antarctic environment affects the big landscape view that is so well known and admired. The goal is to create a new perception and deeper appreciation of the Antarctic environment.

When she is not investigating and photographing the Antarctic environment, Prof. Comstock will work on the Antarctica: Micro, Macro and In-between drawing series and this will allow the scientists to learn about the creative practice of an artist.

Last Updated: February 11, 2014