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Africana Studies Minor


Ernest L. Gibson III

Ernest L. Gibson III

Associate Professor

Director, Africana Studies Program

Why minor in Africana Studies?

  • Interdisciplinarity: As a field of study, Africana Studies insists upon placing different disciplines in conversation. It encourages you to build new bodies of knowledge by thinking across traditional boundaries.
  • Critical Study: Africana Studies sharpens your ability to critically engage a text, film or experience. You'll build essential critical thinking, academic and professional skills applicable beyond the particular field of study.
  • Global Engagement: Blackness is transnational and ever-changing. Africana Studies facilitates a more complex and thorough study of Black life and experience, as well as demonstrates how blackness shapes or is shaped by other cultures and communities.
  • Career: A minor in Africana Studies speaks to the true value of a liberal arts education. Whether you're interested in advanced graduate study, law school or moving directly into the corporate or nonprofit workforce, a minor in Africana Studies can help you get there.
  • Citizenship: Africana Studies is primarily an academic pursuit; however, one of its greatest rewards lies in its ability to cultivate better citizens of the world. Africana Studies strengthens our humanity.


Minor Requirements

Students from any major may pursue a minor in Africana Studies. The minor requires 15 credit hours with at least 9 hours at the 3000-level or above. Africana Studies offers a variety of courses and some courses may be approved on a case-by-case basis. For course details, search the Auburn Bulletin.

Required Courses

AFRI 2000 Introduction to Africana Studies


ANTH 2800 Anthropology of the African Diaspora

ARTS 3690 Arts of Africa (Requires permission of instructor to waive prerequisites.)

ENGL 2270 African American Literature before 1900

ENGL 2280 African American Literature after 1900

ENGL 4450 Topics in African American Literature

GEOG 3140 Geography of Africa

HIST 2120 Survey of Modern African History

HIST 3030 African American History

HIST 3060 Issues in African American History

HIST 3080 The Civil Rights Movement

HIST 5680 History of Africa from 1800 to Present

MUSE 1170/2170/3170/4170 Gospel Choir

PHIL 1090 Philosophy of Race and Gender (Course content changes often. Check with the program director prior to registering for this course.)

POLI 5620 African American Politics

SOCY 1100 Current Issues in Race and Gender

SOCY 3100 Police and Society

SOCY 3200 Sports in America

SOCY 3500 Minority Groups


Ernest L. Gibson III

Ernest L. Gibson III

Associate Professor

Director, Africana Studies Program