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African American and Africana Studies offers a program of teaching, research and outreach to maximize students’ exposure to historical and contemporary developments that combine to define the social, cultural, aesthetic, political and economic realities of the people of African descent.

Program Objectives

  • To offer a minor in African American and Africana Studies with an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores the peoples and cultures in Africa and African Diaspora
  • To enhance students' critical thinking, creative problem-solving and ability to synthesize knowledge
  • To provide mentoring opportunities that link African American and Africana Studies students and faculty in order to equip students with social consciousness, relational skills and a historical perspective that lead to career opportunities in academia and service
  • To provide students with experiences in communal cooperation and networking by fostering interdepartmental, interdisciplinary and intercollegiate collaboration as on-going, programmatic activities of African American and Africana Studies
  • To pursue a vigorous outreach program that focuses on sub-Saharan Africa and exposes more students to Africa through study, work and internships abroad
  • To offer opportunities for the exhibition of students' meritorious achievements and ideas
  • To provide media resources center for African American and Africana students, faculty and the general AU community