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Our Research

ADHD, Executive Functioning and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Current projects involve measuring various aspects of executive functioning (EF) and sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT) as they pertain to daily living in college students. A recently completed study explored the impact of EF on various health risk and protective behaviors in college students. Recent studies include predictors of social functioning, response to interpersonal stress, and risky behavior in college students, considering characteristics of SCT, ADHD symptoms, and internalizing symptoms.

In addition, collaborations have occurred to investigate ADHD medication adherence among college students (see Publications and Presentations).

Intervention Studies

Past studies have included a short-term intervention study with school-aged children, teaching social skills during a soccer camp (see Publications).

We recently completed a grant-funded project to develop and evaluate a culturally-relevant intervention model to help address the mental health care needs of African American children in a local Alabama Black Belt county. Implementation of this project sought to reduce child-based mental health stigma, increase positive help-seeking attitudes towards needed psychological services among African American caregivers, and help connect children with mental health needs to services.