Department of Psychology

Minor in Psychology

Students who wish to minor in psychology, should complete the Minor Form and return it to the main psychology office located in Thach 226 or email to Ms. Langley at This form must be completed by all students who wish to pursue a minor in psychology (even if you have already taken psychology courses in previous semesters).

Minor Curriculum (15 hours)

PSYC 2010/2013 Introduction to Psychology*

Choose Group A (Applied Science) or Group B (Basic Science) Track (3 courses in Track)

Take an additional elective psychology course (3000 or above)

Students must earn a C or better in each course to be counted towards minor requirements.

Minor Curriculum sheet can be downloaded here.

*If PSYC 2010 or 2013 is used to fulfill social science requirement in student's major, then the Introduction to Psychology course cannot be used for minor in psychology. Student can take any additional psychology course to fulfill requirement.

Course Registration for Minors

  • Pre-requisite requirements are waived for minors but must be done manually by the Psychology Department so therefore you will need to access the following link to request PSYC classes during registration time.
  • Just a reminder if you are using a PSYC class for core or major credit it cannot be used for PSYC minor credit. 
  • Note: New Minors need to complete the Department of Psychology’s minor form, before you can enroll in psychology courses. You can download the minor form or pick one up in Thach 226.

Last Updated: October 31, 2016