Department of Psychological Sciences

Program Faculty

  • Peter Chen

    Peter Chen

    Ph.D. University of South Florida

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    Research interests: safety and health management

    Consulting: selection, discrimination, training, safety

  • Jinyan Fan

    Jinyan Fan

    Ph.D. Ohio State University


    Research interests: newcomer orientation and socialization, cross-cultural adjustment and training, personnel selection, and social self-efficacy

    Consulting: personnel selection, cross-cultural validation, & training

  • Ana Franco-Watkins

    Research interests: decision making, behavioral economics, behavioral game theory, applications to industry and organizations.

    Consulting: decision making, negotiation, strategies, methodology

  • Alejandro A. Lazarte

    Teaching interests: Statistics applied to psychological research and psychometrics

    Consulting: statistics

  • Jesse Michel

    Research interests: work-family dynamics; personality and individual differences; scale development and validation

    Consulting: scale development and validation; methods and statistics; work-family and workplace flexibility

  • Gargi Sawhney

    Research interests: Occupational stress and safety; coping and recovery; careless responding in surveys

    Consulting: Occupational stressors in the workplace; on-job and off-job recovery strategies; survey development and validation; research methods; statistics

  • Dan J. Svyantek

    Dan J. Svyantek

    Ph.D., University of Houston


    Research interests: person-organization fit, organizational culture, organizational change, nonlinear aspects of organizational behavior, gender issues

    Consulting: organizational change, training,surveys and attitude measurement, person-organization fit, harassment in organizations

Last Updated: July 27, 2016