Department of Psychological Sciences


  • Brian L. Bellenger

    Brian L. Bellenger, 1999

    Manager of Employment Testing Division; Centrus Personnel Solutions, LLC
    Personnel Board of Jefferson County
    Interests: Additional Occupation: As a Partner and Principal Consultant in Centrus Personnel Solutions, I, along with two business partners, primarily work with public safety organizations to develop and administer promotional testing. Our consulting group has worked with numerous clients both as service providers and expert witnesses, ensuring that selection systems are psychometrically sound and fair and equitable to all candidates, regardless of demographic status. Some of the organizations with whom we have worked include the State of Mississippi Highway Patrol; DeKalb County, Georgia Fire and Rescue; City of Akron, Ohio; City of Dallas, Texas; City of Houston, Texas, City of Jacksonville, Florida, and the Federal Aviation Association. Job Description: My primary work continues to focus on employment selection, largely in the public sector. As the Manager of Employment Testing at the Personnel Board, I oversee the work of 20 professionals possessing at least a Master's Degree in I/O Psychology. These employees, grouped into four standing work units or teams, are responsible for developing valid and reliable selection systems for approximately 750 job classes in a county-wide Merit System with 23 distinct municipalities or government agencies and about 8,000 civil service employees. Much of the focus of the work is on developing high-fidelity, video-based selection systems using a content validation strategy designed to maximize talent acquisition and advancement while also maximizing diversity based on race and gender.
  • Kristin Cullen-Lester

    Kristin Cullen-Lester, 2011

    Senior Faculty Member in Research, Innovation, and Product Development
    Center for Creative Leadership
    Interests: leadership, networks, political skill, organizational change, integrity Job Description: My research focuses on improving leaders' understanding of organizational networks and the ability of organizations to facilitate collective leadership, complex collaboration, and change across organizational boundaries. In addition to sharing new knowledge through peer-reviewed, academic publications and practitioner-focused articles, I contribute to the development of the next generation of tools, products, and services at CCL.
  • Brennan Cox

    Brennan Cox, 2010

    Aerospace Experimental Psychologist
    United States Navy
    Interests: human systems integration, leadership development, testing and assessment, careers Job Description: As an Aerospace Experimental Psychologist, I am a uniformed scientist-practitioner. My job role changes every 3 years, so I am always developing in areas outside of my comfort zone. My primary function is to support naval aviation; I do so in areas of human performance, human engineering, personnel selection, and training and simulation, as applied across all phases of systems development and acquisition, including research, development, testing, and evaluation.
  • Julie Hetzler

    Julie Hetzler, 2009

    Executive Assessment and Development Lead at Lockheed Martin Corporate;
    Lockheed Martin
    Interests: Assessment Centers, 360s, Succession Planning, Leadership Potential identification/Talent Reviews, Executive Coaching Job Description: ulie is a member of the Corporate Talent Management team for Lockheed and is responsible for succession planning, High Potential identification, leadership assessments and leadership development for key successors within the organization. Julie has worked as an internal Talent Management lead in several organizations including Freddie Mac, Marriott, and her current role at Lockheed Martin.
  • Ning Hou

    Ning Hou, 2016

    Assistant Professor, Management Department, Herberger Business School
    St. Cloud University
    Interests: Newcomer orientation and socialization; adult attachment style in workplace; cross-cultural training and adjustment; cognitive differences across cultures, and faking in personnel selection. Job Description:

    Teaching and research faculty

  • Ryan O'Leary

    Ryan O'Leary, 2004

    Senior Director, Hiring and Assessment Services
    PDRI a CEB Company
    Job Description: In my current position, I manage multiple groups in PDRI's Human Capital Division responsible for the development and delivery of the full range of human capital products and services covering the employment lifecycle to public and private sector clients. The work includes conducting large-scale job analyses and test development and validation studies; managing the operational delivery of multiple, large-scale and high-stakes entry-level selection and promotional testing programs; and conducting large-scale evaluation studies. I also provided litigation support for multiple Title VII and Fair Labor Standards Act cases and publish and present regularly on assessment and performance management best practices. I have served on several committees and held positions for SIOP, IPAC, and PTC-MW and my work has been recognized by SIOP, IPAC, the Workforce Magazine Game Changer Award, and the Washington Post.
  • Daly Vaughn

    Daly Vaughn, 2011

    Senior Associate
    Interests: Selection, Social Media, Gamification, Recruitment Job Description: As a senior associate and the leader of our Build team at SHAKER, I'm responsible for ensuring that the best selection practices from I-O psychology are being applied within the rapidly advancing capabilities provided through today's technology. I partner with our clients to create novel, 'day in the life' assessments for job applicants that provide an engaging candidate experience rooted in science and supported with ongoing analytics that demonstrate the return on investment from its use.
  • John G, Veres III

    John G, Veres III, 1983

    Auburn University at Montgomery
    Job Description:

    First hired by AUM in 1976 as a Research and Training Assistant, Veres was promoted over the next 35 years to positions of increasing responsibility, including Director of the AUM Center for Business and Economic Development (October 1982-March 2000) and Executive Director of University Outreach (March 2000-June 2006) until the Auburn University Board of Trustees named him Chancellor.

    Veres has more than 35 years of experience as an organizational consultant. He has published some 50 articles and book chapters, two edited volumes and one book on human resources management topics. He has consulted in over 80 employment discrimination lawsuits, primarily on issues of adverse impact and test validation, and currently serves as Special Master for Judge C. Lynwood Smith, Jr. of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

    In the community, Veres currently serves on the boards of the Alabama-Korea Education and Economic Partnership, Alabama World Affairs Council, AUM Confucius Institute, Auburn University Foundation, Committee of 100, Helicity, and the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. Veres also serves on the Air Education and Training Command Commander's civilian advisory group. He was appointed to the Alabama Governor's College and Career Ready Task Force and the Governor's Commission for Action in Alabama's Black Belt, and served as a technical advisor to the Alabama Commission on Government Accountability. He is a recipient of the H. Roe Bartle Presidential Leadership Award from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

  • Julia Walsh Howell

    Julia Walsh Howell, 2014

    Senior Analyst, Organizational Analytics
    Johnson & Johnson
    Interests: social network analysis, personnel selection, assessment, validation analysis, health and well-being, work-family balance Job Description: My role on the Organizational Analytics team at J&J includes two main components: (1) act as an internal consultant, responding to business requests for analytics-based research/projects and (2) design and execute data-driven studies focused on critical areas such as collaboration and innovation to better inform J&J talent decisions.
  • Chris Winkelspecht

    Chris Winkelspecht, 2006

    Director, Strategic Services
    Maritz Motivation Solutions
    Interests: Motivation, behavior economics, change management, employee engagement, organizational culture, individual differences, and HR technology. Job Description: Oversees strategy and services (e.g., research, program design, change management, analytics) that accompany subscription to Maritz Motivation Solutions' employee engagement products.
  • Tracy Zinn

    Tracy Zinn, 2002

    Full Professor
    James Madison University
    Interests: Research areas include: Teaching in higher education, student-faculty interactions, educational/curricular assessment, work-life integration (in particular work-life policies and perceptions of policies, perceptions of new mothers/fathers at work, how to handle family transitions on the job) Job Description: Teaching and research faculty in academic higher education.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016