Department of Psychological Sciences

Affiliated Faculty

The following affiliated faculty can serve on graduate student committees 

Hubert S. Feild, Jr., Ph.D.
University of Georgia 1976; Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Lowder Professor, Department of Management, Auburn University. Interests include research methods in I/O Psychology, legal issues, and personnel selection.

Stanley G. Harris, Ph.D.
University of Michigan 1988; Organizational Psychology
Associate Professor, Department of Management, Auburn University. Interests include organizational change and transformation, organizational culture, individual sense making in organizations, team building, and strategic human resource management.

Kevin Mosshilder, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee, 1978
C.G. Mills Professor, Department of Management, Auburn University. Interests include relationships, organizational behavior and human resources.

John J. Veres, III, Ph.D.
Auburn University, 1983; Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Chancellor, Auburn University at Montgomery. Interests include legal issues in assessment and selection, test validation, job analysis, and applied psychometrics.

Alan Walker, Ph.D.
Bowling Green State University, 2005
Associate Professor, Department of Management, Auburn University. Interests include organizational behavior and human resources.

Last Updated: May 10, 2018