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Student and Faculty Achievements


Program Milestones

  • Hayden Hickey successfully defended his thesis titled “The Representativeness of Gender Typicality and Attractiveness Bias in Personnel Selection”.
  • Anna Lorys successfully completed her General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Elizabeth Ritterbush successfully completed her General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Hairong Li successfully completed her General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Melissa Stuhlman successfully completed her General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Elissa Hack defended her dissertation titled “Emotional Reactions to a Middle Warning Message: A Physiological Approach” and graduated Spring 2018.
  • Lu Zheng defended her dissertation titled “Understanding Individual Differences in Faking: The Role of Ability to Fake and Motivation to Fake” and graduated Spring 2018.
  • Paige Hartman DeBaylo defended her dissertation titled “Nomological Network of a Challenge and Hindrance Workplace Stressors Scale: A Meta-Analysis” and graduated Spring 2018.
  • Sadie O’Neill defended her dissertation titled “Work-Life Boundary Management: Measurement, Validation, and Longitudinal Mediation” and graduated Spring 2018.


New Roles and Positions

  • Anna Lorys was selected to receive a year-long Strategic Resources internship at State Farm.
  • Elissa Hack accepted a research psychologist position with the Army Research Institute at Ft. Belvoir.
  • Lu Zheng accepted an Assistant Professor position in the School of Management at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan China.
  • Paige Hartman DeBaylo accepted a position at Austin Independent School District as an Evaluation Analyst. 
  • Sadie O’Neill accepted a position at Syniverse in Tampa Florida as a People Analyst.
  • Jesse Michel was elected to serve as the I/O Program Director starting August 2017.
  • Ana Franco-Watkins was elected to serve as Department of Psychology Chair starting August 2017.
  • Daniel Svyantek has been elected as Auburn University Senate Chair for 2017-2018.


Awards and Grants

  • Paige Hartman DeBaylo received a Master’s Thesis Award from Auburn University ($250; Fall 2017)
  • Paige Hartman DeBaylo received a Travel Fellowship from Auburn University's Graduate Student Council ($250; Spring 2018)
  • Paige Hartman DeBaylo received a Student Travel Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology ($500; Spring 2018)
  • Jinyan Fan, Elissa Hack, Melissa Stuhlman, and Hairong Li received a SIOP small grant for research examining the mean scores and criterion-related validity of machine-inferred and self-reported personality scores across selection and non-selection contexts ($7,000).
  • Jinyan Fan received a College of Liberal Arts Summer Competitive Research Grant ($10,000).


General Program News

  • Welcome to our 2017-2018 cohorts: Nicole Shifrin, Rachel Whitman, and Taylor Willits (PhD track); Hang Song and Jennifer Wells Marshall (MS track); and Adam Perleberg and Jordan (Alex) Gantt (ABM track).  
  • The program presented 14 papers at 2018 SIOP annual conference. Congratulations to Anna Lorys, Daniel Svyantek, Elissa Hack, Elizabeth Ritterbush, Hairong Li, Hang Song, Jesse Michel, Jinyan Fan, Julia Willis, Lu Zheng, Melissa Stuhlman, Michael Rotch, Paige Hartman DeBaylo, and Sadie O’Neill for presenting in Chicago!
  • I/O faculty and students have been very research productive publishing 19 books, chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Last Updated: May 10, 2018