Department of Psychological Sciences


Student and Faculty Achievements


Program Milestones

  • Hayden Hickey successfully completed his General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Julia Willis successfully completed her General Doctoral Exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy.
  • Nicole Shifrin defended her Master’s thesis titled “Mechanisms Underlying the Relationship between Work-Life Conflict and Health Behaviors: The Role of Resource Depletion” in Spring 2019.
  • Rachel Whitman defended her Master’s thesis titled “Time to Quit with Grit? Expanding the Academic Persistence Framework” in Spring 2019.
  • Taylor Willits defended her Master’s thesis titled “Is it Worth the Regret? Deciding to Engage in Employee Voice” in Spring 2019.
  • Anna Lorys defended her dissertation titled “Establishing Balance: An Experience Sampling Methodological Study of the Work-Life Interface” and graduated Spring 2019.
  • Adam Smith defended his dissertation titled “Connecting in a Digital World: How ICTs shape the Leader-Subordinate Experience” and graduated Spring 2019.
  • Melissa Stuhlman defended her dissertation titled “Linguistic Cues to Faking in Computer-Mediated Employment Interviews” and graduated Spring 2019.


New Roles and Positions

  • Anna Lorys accepted a statistician position at State Farm following a year-long internship.
  • Melissa Stuhlman accepted a research psychologist position with the Army Research Institute at Ft. Belvoir.
  • Adam Smith has been busy with new positions at Aon Insurance and Wentworth Institute of Technology.
  • Austin Huges, Carson Posey, Anna Sheffield, Julia Speegle, and Mary Margaret Vollmar have been busy with internships at the AU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Consolidated Container Company, Clarus Consulting Group, Corsini Consulting Group, Blankenship & Seay Consulting Group, and AutoZone.
  • Jinyan Fan has joined the Journal of Vocational Behavior as an associate editor.


Awards and Grants

  • Ana Franco-Watkins received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance grant exploring the use of gamification for training.
  • Ana Franco-Watkins received a grant from the Department of Defense for an educational technology services project on immersive learning.
  • Jinyan FanElissa HackMelissa Stuhlman, and Hairong Li received a SIOP small grant for research examining the mean scores and criterion-related validity of machine-inferred and self-reported personality scores across selection and non-selection contexts.
  • Jinyan Fan received a College of Liberal Arts Summer Competitive Research Grant.


General Program News

  • We are very happy to announce Dr. Gargi Sawhney has joined our faculty beginning Fall 2019!
  • Welcome to our 2019-2020 cohorts: Kate Conkey, Austin Cunningham, Ana Kriletic, and Thomas Wilmore (PhD track); Kristina Photakis, Carson Posey, and Min Shao (MS track); and Elisabeth Hess (ABM track).  
  • The program presented 12 papers at 2019 SIOP annual conference. Congratulations to Jinyan Fan, Ana Franco-Watkins, Anna Lorys, Hairong Li, Jiayi Liu, Jesse Michel, Elizabeth Ritterbush, Michael Rotch, Nicole Shifrin, Adam Smith, Melissa Stuhlman, Daniel Svyantek, Rachel Whitman, Taylor Willits, Alissa Zawacki, and Teng Zhao for presenting in National Harbor (DC)!
  • I/O faculty and students have been very research productive, publishing 12 books, chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Last Updated: February 28, 2020