Department of Psychological Sciences

I-O Psychology, M.S.


Program Update

  • This program is a distance (online asynchronous) program
  • GRE not required

Program Information

Industrial and Organizational (I-O) Psychology Master's Program

  • Designed to train students with the skills and knowledge to become I-O practitioners in applied settings.
  • I-O psychology focuses on understanding, predicting, and modifying behavior in organizational settings and work environments. 
  • We are partnering with Auburn Online to develop our courses to maximize online learning and deliver high-quality content and interaction.

Program Overview

  • Master’s degree: 30 credit hours, non-thesis
  • Completion time: 2 years (5-6 semesters)
    • 2 courses in fall 
    • 2 courses spring 
    • 1 course in summer
  • Cost: $850 per credit hour
    • Same costs for in-state or out-of-state students

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Last Updated: August 10, 2021