Department of Psychology

Facilities and Labs

The I/O program faculty and graduate students have offices and research labs in Thach Hall. In addition, faculty and graduate students participate in consulting, contracts, and internships in the nearby community.  

I-O Program Research Labs

Individual Differences, Training, and Assessment Lab

Director: Dr. Jinyan Fan

Description: The Individual Differences, Training, and Assessment Lab examines how to apply psychology to the workplace, such as personnel selection, training and development, etc.

Laboratory for Integrative Decision Science

Director: Dr. Ana Franco-Watkins

Description: LIDS focuses on using psychological theories and methodologies to elucidate decision making processes that address basic and applied research questions with real-world implications.

Organizational Processes and Management History

Director: Dr. Dan Svyantek

Description: This lab focuses on the investigation of the interaction between both individual level variables (e.g., personality) and organizational level variables (e.g., organizational culture) across time.

Work-Life and Organizational Effectiveness Lab

Director: Dr. Jesse Michel


Description: The Work-Life and Organizational Effectiveness Lab conducts research on work-life dynamics, personality and individual differences in the workplace, and scale development and validation.

Last Updated: February 15, 2017