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Apply to Clinical Program

The following faculty are recruiting students for our Fall 2021 cohort of incoming students: 

Brian Albanese, Joseph Bardeen, Chris Correia, and Richard Macatee

Applications for the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology are due by December 1 to start the following fall.

Our graduate financial information page provides details about assistantships, health care, and additional CREA funds for clinical graduate students. 

Admission requirements

Admission to the clinical psychology program is granted by the dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation of the program and Department of Psychological Sciences. All completed applicant files are individually reviewed and incoming students selected by program faculty, in coordination with the Director of Clinical Training. We consider all elements of an applicant’s dossier – GPA, GRE (waived for 2021), personal statement, research and applied experience, letters of recommendation, and diversity status. The essential requirements for admission to the clinical program are a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and a record of achievement that shows strong promise of success in the program’s course work and activities in research and clinical work. Applicants are expected to have performed well in foundational areas of psychology and should have at least 15 credit hours of coursework in psychology, including statistics and research methodology.

Average GRE scores and GPA for students who have been admitted to the clinical program

Our major goal is the training of scientist-practitioners. Therefore, we admit students who have a strong interest in conducting research and applying this knowledge to clinical problems. Applicants whose sole interest is applied training (e.g., only interested in seeing clients but not in research) would not be a good match for our program. 

We adhere to a mentorship model, whereby students admitted to the program have research interests similar to those of one or more of the clinical faculty. Applicants are urged to consider this when writing their personal statements and evaluating their fit with the program. A formal on-campus interview is required for finalists. Students who have earned a master’s degree at the time of their admission to the program may be able to achieve exemption from some required courses.

General information about clinical psychology graduate training

  • Fact Sheet — helpful information related to considering clinical psychology graduate programs
  • Application Resources — assistance for students in the application process for any graduate program (although the materials are tailored toward applicants from diverse backgrounds, the material would likely be helpful for any prospective student)

For more information, contact Chris Correia.

Last Updated: November 03, 2020