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Past Graduates

The Applied Behavior Analysis Program at Auburn University graduated its first class in August 2003. Each program graduate has fulfilled the requirements of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board to qualify to take the examination that will make them Board Certified Behavior Analysts. See previous student BACB exam pass rates here (On-campus VCS only, not affiliated with distance/campus VCS).

Thus far, students have completed the program within two years (five semesters including summer). With the current practicum hour requirements of 1,500 hours, students will complete all coursework and accrue all practicum hours required to take the BCBA exam across six semesters (two full years, including summer semesters). 

The majority of students have accepted job offers prior to graduation.


Ashley Anderson, M.S., BCBA

Helena Bush, M.S., BCBA

Hope Dabney, M.S., BCBA

Lydia Lindsey, M.S., BCBA

Lauren Nordberg, M.S., BCBA

Carolyn Syzonenko, M.S., BCBA

Peta Kimber, M.S., BCBA

Emma King, M.S., BCBA

Kaleem Morrow, M.S., BCBA

Rachel Peters, M.S., BCBA

Will Davis, M.S., BCBA

Soracha O’Rourke, M.Ed, MS., BCBA

Emily Longino, M.S., BCBA

Sally Hamrick, M.S., BCBA

Kristen Brogan, M.S., BCBA

Amanda Niedfeld, M.S., BCBA

Jodi Coon, M.S., BCBA

Benjamin Hatley, M.S., BCBA

Angelyn Rhames, M.S., BCBA

Aracelia Rodriguez, M.S., BCBA

Charity Crowell, M.S., BCBA

Erin Swinkels, MHSc SLP © Reg. CASLPO, M.S., BCBA

Maddy Drisi, M.S., BCBA

Kimberlee Krubinski, M.S., BCBA



Program's Outcome Measures
  2020 2019 2018 2017* 2016
Number of students whose degrees were conferred by the program.   4 5 7 2 9
Median years until graduation for students whose degrees were conferred by the program.  2 2 2 2 1
Number of students enrolled in the program on January 1st of the reporting year.  10 12 9 11 9
Number of students no longer enrolled for any reason other than conferral of degree.   0 0 0 0 0
Number of completed applications received.  30 35 50 53 65
Number of students admitted during the reporting year.  6 7 5 5 7
Percentage of first-time candidates passing the BCBA certification examination.  100 100 100 100 88.9

* 2017 was the year the program transitioned to a two-year program

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