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Department of Psychological Sciences
Teaching of Psychology Web Resources

APA Division 2- Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Division 2 - Society for the Teaching of Psychology promotes excellence in the teaching of psychology by encouraging research and reflection on teaching and learning, helping teachers share effective teaching techniques, and honoring the dedication and professionalism of teachers of psychology. 


Teaching of Psychology

Teaching of Psychology is the official journal of APA Division 2. This journal is devoted to improvement of the teaching and learning of psychology at all educational levels. The journal publishes articles on pedagogical techniques; the learning environment; reviews of software; investigations of student, course, or teacher characteristics, etc.


Teaching of Psychology E-book Publishing Program (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology has published, and continues to publish a number of e-books related to the teaching of psychology. These books are FREE and may downloaded as whole books or chapter by chapter.


National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP)

NITOP is an annual conference for teachers of psychology at two- and four-year colleges, universities, and high schools, who wish to explore new ideasthat will enhance and broaden their teaching skills.


Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (SETOP)

The SETOP annual conference is an opportunity for teachers of psychology to discuss and share experiences and techniques. The conference offers concurrent sessions and invited addresses on teaching techniques and issues associated with undergraduate education.


Association for Psychological Science (APS) Teaching Resources

This web site is a collection of web resources that are devoted to the teaching of psychology compiled by the Association for Psychological Science.