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Department of Music
Minor in Music Business

The Minor in Music Business is intended for undergraduate students who wish to supplement their current major with a program that can help create a pathway to a career in the music industry, a fast-paced multi-billion-dollar global business. Record labels, concert promoters, publishers, business managers, and so many more—all play a vital role in creating, marketing, and promoting both recorded and live music. The courses for this minor will introduce students to the many and varied jobs available in this exciting career path and offer hands-on learning experiences provided by a slate of instructors who work in the industry. 
Prior musical training is not required. The program is available to all Auburn undergraduate students and is particularly appropriate for students who prefer to work exclusively on the music business and concert side of the industry.

Course Requirements

MUSI 3830 Music Business I: Survey of the Music Industry
MUSI 3840 Music Business II: Branding and Promotion
MUSI 3850 Promotion in the Music Industry: How to Promote an Artist
MUSI 4660 Commercial Music: Recording and Production
MUSI 4670 Commercial Music: Concert Promotion

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