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Department of Music
Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is intended for undergraduate students who wish to prepare for careers in music other than solo performing or applied teaching, and for students who exhibit talent and affinity for music but who want to pursue careers in other fields. The degree includes the study of music performance, the technical mechanics of music, music in historical perspective, upper division studies in music tailored to student interest, and requires a minor in an area other than music. Many students choose this degree track to combine with a dual degree in another field. The degree provides a comprehensive, collaborative educational path for students interested in careers in or involving music that may lie outside the typical teaching/performing paradigm.

Entrance into this program is granted upon a successful audition. 

Curriculum Information

The curriculum guides are for informational purposes only, and while deemed accurate, are unofficial. Students should consult College advisors for official curricular information.

Bachelor of Arts - Curriculum