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Department of Music
Choral Scholarships

Auburn University Choirs is committed to helping deserving students who wish to attend Auburn and participate in our choral ensembles. This page is provided to help prospective choral students learn how they can earn scholarships to help fund their education.

Auburn Office of University Scholarships

Prospective students should first visit the University’s Scholarship Office homepage. Auburn University offers a number of academic and merit-based scholarships to its applicants. However, it is very important that you take note of the requirements and deadlines for receiving this support. Please visit Office of University Scholarships.

Music Major Scholarships

The Auburn University Department of Music offers scholarships (by audition only) to Music Performance and Music Education majors. Through the audition process, incoming vocal music majors are eligible and evaluated for any scholarship funds available. For more details, visit the Music Department Scholarship Audition page.

Non-Music Major Scholarships

The Auburn University Choirs also offers scholarships to deserving students that are not majoring in music. An audition is required for these scholarships, which are dependent on participation in selected choral ensembles. The availability and amount of these scholarships vary from year to year and are distributed based on singing ability and the voicing needs for each ensemble.

A scholarship could require participation in a specific choral ensemble or multiple ensembles, depending on the amount awarded and the source of the funding. Being awarded a scholarship for ensemble participation does not mean automatic acceptance into the ensemble of the student's choosing; a separate choir audition for acceptance and placement is still required at the individual director's discretion.

Admission to Auburn University is required to be considered for a choral scholarship. Priority consideration will be given to those who audition before February 1. Factors such as academic standing, attendance, collegiality, reliability, etc., will weigh into the consideration for scholarship awards and renewals.

Department of Music Scholarship Application

Complete the Auburn University Department of Music, Band, and Choirs Scholarship Application to be considered for a choral scholarship. For more information, contact

The applicant must provide a recent video of the student singing a vocal solo and each of the following scales (ascending and descending in any key for one octave on solfege, numbers, or neutral syllables): 

  • major scale
  • natural minor scale
  • chromatic scale

At the beginning of the video recording, be sure to state your name, high school, hometown, preferred voice part, and the title of your solo. The solo should not be taken from a choral selection.

In-person callback auditions will be required for placement in certain ensembles. Please visit our Choir Auditions web page for details about the audition process and requirements, whether or not you are applying for a scholarship.