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College of Liberal Arts
Language, Attention, and Memory (LAM) Lab

About Us

Language is an essential element of what it means to be human. We use it every day to express ourselves, and it allows us to make meaningful connections with others. The Language, Attention, and Memory (LAM) Lab investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support language processing under conditions of uncertainty, when communication is most likely to break down. Research in the LAM lab uses converging behavioral (choice reaction time, preferential looking, eye tracking) and neuroimaging (fMRI, DTI) techniques. These techniques are used to explore individual differences in domain-general cognitive functions, such as working memory, cognitive control, and persistence, in order to observe how they influence language processing across the lifespan.

Research Interests

• Cognitive Control and Conflict Adaptation

• Cognitive Persistence, Motivation, and Effort

• Aging Brain

• Speech Recognition

• Sentence Processing

• Bilingualism