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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my child be referred if he/she is not on medication?
    • Answer: Yes, though consideration will be given first to children on medication.
  2. Does the case worker have to refer or can I (the parent) refer?
    • Answer: Anyone can refer! The case worker will be updated throughout services. Parents, physicians, case workers, etc. can refer the child to APMRT services. Make a referral here.
  3. What do services entail?
    • Answer: Services include an intake interview with caregivers, trauma assessment before and after services, in-home caregiver training, and direct work with clients. For individuals who have been prescribed medication, the APMRT psychiatrist will review current medications and will provide recommendations (if applicable) to the prescribing physician. Follow-up check-ins will occur before services are terminated.
  4. Can the APMRT serve multiple children in one household?
    • Answer: Yes.
  5. How long will services take?
    • Answer: The length of services depends on each case. Some cases may only require three in-home appointments plus follow-up phone calls while other cases may require 2-3 in-home visits per week for a few months.
  6. Can you help with bedwetting?
    • Answer: Yes! See a list of others behaviors the APMRT has successfully addressed here.

Last Updated: June 20, 2019