Laboratory for Integrative Decision Science (LIDS)

Lab Personnel


  • Ana Franco-Watkins

    Ana M. Franco-Watkins

    Dr. Ana M. Franco-Watkins is a decision scientist who applies psychological theories and methodologies to understand the mechanisms involved in many every day decisions and choices across a variety of domains. She is a faculty member in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Auburn University.

Current Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

We have several undergraduate students who volunteer and/or earn credit as LIDS research assistants (RAs). Our RAs range from freshman to seniors undergraduate psychology majors. 

  • Haley Maul

    Haley Maul

    I am from Aurora, IL, a suburb that is southwest of Chicago. I am a sophomore majoring in psychology, and my personal interests include decision-making, social interactions, and social roles/norms in groups. My expected graduation date is May 2019, and I plan to attend a graduate program following my undergraduate studies.


  • Zach McKinnnell

    Zach McKinnnell

    I am originally from Mobile, AL. I am working on my B.A. in psychology and volunteering in the LIDS lab, along with the CANS Lab. My research interests include psychedelic research and addiction research. 


  • Melanie Parrott

    Melanie Parrott

    I am a junior from Tampa, FL majoring in Psychology and Biomedical Sciences. I have been involved in research on gender and attractiveness bias in the workplace and the impact of nutrition knowledge and calorie presentation (framing) on food decisions. I am graduating in May 2018, and I plan to apply to medical school and PhD programs. 


  • Adam Perieberg

    Adam Perieberg

    I am originally from Johns Creek, Georgia. I am a psychology major and will be graduating May 2018. I am particularly interested in burnout and job saliency and their affect on performance, personnel selection, and organizational development. Currently I am applying to the ABM in I/O psychology here at Auburn, and I will apply to other Master level programs here in the south east. After I am done with school, I hope to be consulting for businesses and organizations and applying what I have learned through research lab, school, and experiences to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in the work place.


Last Updated: February 28, 2017