Pre-law Scholars Program

The College of Liberal Arts sponsors the Pre-Law Scholars Program. The program is interdisciplinary and is open to all students of any major who intend to pursue careers within the legal profession. Students may engage in a pre-law academic concentration within their major course of study and may choose among pre-law elective courses as their academic schedules permit.

The program offers career counseling and law school application counseling to students interested in legal careers. Students are invited to discuss opportunities within various legal specialties and the day-to-day duties of lawyers within these specialties, choice of major or minor, choice of elective courses, choice of law school, and paralegal degrees. Assistance with the law school application process, including drafting of the personal statement and obtaining letters of recommendation, is available.

The program provides an information network to Auburn’s pre-law students. Internship and employment opportunities, speakers, elective course offerings, social events, and trips to court proceedings and law school campuses are announced by e-mail to program members. There is no minimum GPA requirement for participation in the Pre-Law Scholars Program.

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For more information:

Debra Armstrong-Wright

7002 Haley Center
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(334) 844-6166