Twins Jamie and Jazmine Moore develop fitness app

Photo of twins Jamie and Jazmine Moore

Fitness and business go together for twins Jamie and Jazmine Moore. Jamie is a recent graduate (’16, communication) and Jazmine is a current student in business. The twins, both from Auburn, have their own company and are working to promote their new app, Odella Fitness.

“Jamie always said we had to be healthy,” Jazmine recalled. “At Thanksgiving dinner twelve years ago, Jamie noticed I was on my third piece of pumpkin pie and she reminded me that health issues run in our family, and that we need to be examples for our family.”

The twins began making healthy food decisions at an early age and participated in sports throughout their youth. Fitness became more than just a passing interest – it became a lifestyle and a priority. The idea to put their passion into an app happened serendipitously one evening while getting some groceries.

“We went into Kroger and we were standing at the produce aisle when a gentleman walked by and asked, ‘Do you ladies run track?’” Jazmine recalled.

It was a question the duo has fielded many times, but this time, answering it yielded an unexpected inspiration.

“We explained to him that we used to run track and now we just train, and he looked at us and said, ‘I work in marketing and you two need to be part of a product.’ And after talking to him for a little bit, in the middle of Kroger, we realized he was right,” Jamie said.

So the twins took their passion to the next level, and made it into a profession.

“Jamie came across an app company called Alakazam. We contacted them and got the ball rolling,” Jazmine said.

Working with Alakazam and local vendors, the women recorded fitness videos, meal preparation videos, and blog posts about fitness and lifestyle. They post inspirational messages on their social media sites and helpful reminders through the app.

“This is a fitness accountability partner. We have each other, we were born with each other, but you might not have someone. So let us be that for you. We want to help you enjoy life,” Jazmine said.
The app is free and available through Google Play and Apple Store.

“We started Odella Fitness three months ago, and it was all from one person saying, ‘Do it,’” Jamie said.

In addition to the app, you can follow them on Facebook, and work out with them at Co. Athletics and Wellness on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Last Updated: February 24, 2017